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Why is it OK?

I often ask myself-why is it ok?? As you well know I am into my food, its my thing, my hobby- I get tagged in this meme in various forms more that you can imagine (Image Credit WordPorn) That said,... Continue Reading →


Table for one? Fear or fun?

Dining Alone, table for one, lone dining! The words/phrases that put fear into many people! “How can you dine alone?” “Do you not worry about people looking at you, talking to you, thinking you’re a loner?”.  None of these things... Continue Reading →

“Joey doesn’t share food”

Do you?? Do you love to share food like me or are you an absolute, no way mine is min order your own fries kind of person?  As you will probably know I love all things food but to those... Continue Reading →

A ‘hygge’ weekend of food

I have been very interested in the concept of 'hygge' which I believe is pronounced 'hoo-gah' but I could well be wrong.  So when I had no plans for this weekend I actually got quite excited and went about creating... Continue Reading →

Let’s get some food in Les Gets

Well last week I was hoping to blog from Les Gets itself when I was having a day off skiing to watch the baby of the group (my nephew Harry just 6 months old).  However I underestimated how much time... Continue Reading →

How hard is it to make a decision?

Most of my weekends are centred around food and the weekend that has just finished was no different. It was also ten days long for me (love time off work) so there was lots of eating out, which involved perusing... Continue Reading →

My Inspiration, What’s yours?

To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible!

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