Where does your love for food come from?  Did you learn your skills at your Grandma’s knee, or taught by your Mum and Dad growing up or did you have an amazing food teacher at school?  I’d love to hear yours.

As for mine I have so many inspirations, my Grandma gave me a Marguerite Patten book before I was a teenager and bought me the Delia how to cook books. But before that I just decided I liked the idea of home cooked food.  As a child of the 80’s freezer food was all the rage but when my Mum did cook I was intrigued.  How was it made?  Why did we have to have potato instead of something that sounded wonderfully exotic in our mousakka- aubergine was unheard of to me, and that’s why I wanted it.

I remember waking up early on a Saturday and heading straight for the kitchen- what could I make?  This is when my first cooking disasters began, the time I attempted pancaked without flour, the dry beef and onion pasties my lovely Dad ate without complaint while we watch Bolton at the Reebok and the time I decided I could do spun sugar and melted 2 spatulas, 4 chopping boards the pan handle and almost my own hand! But that’s what I love about food- you learn.  I have learned from all of my disasters and have gone on to create wonderful things.  Am I a chef in the making, no! I love drinking the vino as I am cooking way too much to do this professionally but I would like to think I am on my way to being a great cook!

My inspiration has changed loads since then, food bloggers, instagrammers, food mags, food trends and food TV programmes until my Sky planner is going to explode (much to Matt’s annoyance).  In future posts I will share more on the specific inspirations but recently I have discovered somewhere that is an inspiration for me and my future.  I plan to own my own restaurant/bar one day and I have recently found one just like I have planned mine in my head and I love it.

Unico in Wilmslow is a great addition to the bustling High Street and whilst it isn’t an independent (which I usually prefer) it gives you that independent feel.  To find your nearest Lounge head to http://www.thelounges.co.uk/lounges

But back to what I loved, firstly great décor and a comfy atmosphere, but also doggie friendly (yey) so Albus could tag along.  So I have been four times over the last 3 months and each time eaten from the Breakfast/Brunch menu and I must recommend the Halloumi and sweet corn fritters and the Avocado Brunch (I added a side of streaky bacon- you will find I’m a bit of a meat eater).  But the first time I went I picked what I think will become my favourite- I have to try a few items to make sure of course.  The smoked haddock and potato cake was delicious (pictured).  With nice chunks of haddock and a lovely SOFT poached eggs, you cannot understand my HATRED for over done OR un-drained poached eggs.  Again I added a side of avocado here- I’m a sucker for a side order menu!  This dish was great, filling and good value for a little jaunt out with my nephew and my Albus.

What’s your inspiration? Can’t wait to hear from you guys.