Most of my weekends are centred around food and the weekend that has just finished was no different. It was also ten days long for me (love time off work) so there was lots of eating out, which involved perusing menus, choosing drinks and deciding where to go with some of my nearest and dearest.  I stuck to some firm favourites as well as visiting some new places that offered new experiences and lots of new gins!

I will talk about each of those places separately in upcoming blogs and reviews. Today, I want to extend on my previous ‘My Inspiration’ blog but also give you an insight into how I can be so indecisive…especially when it comes to food. At work and at home I can make important decisions within relatively short time scales but when it comes to a venue, a menu or a drink it’s a whole new story. I start by researching an area then try to decide which place to go, who I should invite, read reviews, menus, look at the pictures on Google, stalk their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media account I can find. These my friends are not light hearted decisions, it’s not something I find easy. If I have invited people to join me, will they like the menu? Is it too close, too far, too adventurous, not adventurous enough, too cheap, too expensive? The list goes on. But it matters so much to me when choosing somewhere to eat that the whole event is a major operation. Don’t get me wrong, this inept ability to make a food/drink related decision isn’t reserved to just going out. Just this evening I debated with my hubby (Mr W) whether I could eat the garlic mushroom arancini we bought at Knutsford Makers Market yesterday with spinach as I really wanted it with rocket! I can even spend a good ten minutes in front of the lunch options at M&S when I don’t take a packed lunch to work.

Here’s a few Knutsford snaps. I will be covering the Makers Markets in my first GoPro vlog coming in the next month or so. 


I’m no different to a recipe in the fact that we both include food preparation time. However my times are far in excess of even the most complicated meal. You want to see me when I invite people round for food. I would guess that a meal that takes me a couple of hours to cook consists of at least 2-3 evenings with my head stuck in recipe books, food magazines, Pinterest pages, hunting around bbcgoodfood and asking Mr W for his opinion about 274 times before ignoring every piece of advice he gives me. But it’s all worth it as I love the people I invite to my house and I want them to love my food every time. One of my foodie ‘fundays’ this long weekend consisted of making my family a Sunday roast, which was made more fun by the arrival of my new range oven.  I opted for the BEKO electric range in chrome and black.  5 plates on the ceramic hob AND a warming plate.  It features a separate grill, fan oven and convention oven and I LOVE it.  I stuck to recipes I’ve done a thousand times before so that I didn’t require any books or web pages, just me and my kitchen. Sticking to these I whipped up a Sunday lunch for a table of 7 guests (my baby nephew Harry only licked some cauliflower-cheese so I can’t really say I catered for 8).

Here are a few of my past Instagram posts including food prep, the finished articles and of course this Sunday’s Yorkshires in my brand new beloved oven.

All of this said am I really going to change my habits of what feels like a lifetime? When you go out to eat or are choosing what to cook I think it should be a choice made with love and well thought out.  Why shouldn’t I think about the produce and where it’s from? Can I buy from a local supplier? If I’m not going to use all of a particular ingredient then what other recipes can I do to make sure I don’t throw anything away? Even though all of these things contribute to me taking a small eon to make decisions, they are so important I wouldn’t have it any other way!

 I love everything about food and other people who think the same as me, those people are obviously awesome! It’s not just the eating, it’s the creating, shopping for ingredients, reading menus, reading recipes, trying tasters, reading reviews and most of all, it’s the people who you choose to share these wonderful experiences with.  

P.S. I have a few free weekends for cooking coming up so I’m always looking for suggestions…please let me know what your favourites are. Any ideas are welcome from full dinner party catering to quick and easy game night snacks.


One of my fave quotes- she speaks a lot of sense.