Well last week I was hoping to blog from Les Gets itself when I was having a day off skiing to watch the baby of the group (my nephew Harry just 6 months old).  However I underestimated how much time he would take up so it’s coming from the comfort of my living room instead!  So, Les Gets, a ski resort in France in the Haute-Savoie area, not far from Morzine.  We have been a few times now and we particularly love the village, the range of food is amazing.  My group is always big- 9 adults and the baby this year- so we tend to stick to the more basic and more affordable restaurants that offer a good range.  Usually there’s a few pizzas knockin’ about, some traditional Savouryade dishes and lots of other delights to chose from in between.

Our days started with freshly baked pastries from a local bakery delivered to our door (thanks to http://www.chalets1066.com) you couldn’t get a lighter fluffier croissant and the pan au chocolat, well they both just reminded me how rubbish our ‘imitations’ of these products are here in the UK.  Anyway a great start to the day on the slopes.  Now I am not a massive skier so I don’t need the energy that the rest of my group do but some mornings were also filled with Nuttella waffles or crepes or various flavours- can’t complain there either, excellent mountain side snacks!  One of the delights I did sample myself was courtesy of my cousin who taught me the delights of a twix hot chocolate.  Now what you need to know is the hot chocolate on the side of a snowy mountain cannot be matched anywhere, made with milk, proper chocolate and lovely and warm but not too hot so you can actually drink it straight away.  So with the twix (we aplit one so one biscuit each) bite both ends off the twix, dip one into the hot chocolate and suck the drink through the other end! Thank me later.

Anyway, back to the real food.  And that is just what I love about it, real food.  We would look at the items we chose as possible ‘junk food’ over here and it is unfair that pizza has been given that name.  Cooked to perfection in wood fired ovens, thin bases, beautiful herby tomato sauce (or blanco if you prefer) they don’t give you the weighed down feeling of troffin’ a cheap take out from the kebab house.  I didn’t snap a pic of my favourite- a prosciutto, mushroom and black olive that I split with the hubby in La Taniere http://www.latanierelesgets.fr/

One of my favourite places in Les Gets is actually the butchers, le boucherie just behind The Big Bear bar (another fave actually).  It is amazing in there, so much charcuterie, fresh local meats, olive bar, cheeses, local produce, wine, oils oh I could go on, as I speak I am considering giving my right arm to be there right now.  But even better than what they have inside, late afternoon they have hot rotisserie chickens outside as well as a large, very large, paella style pan cooking onions, potatoes and lardons drizzled with cream.  I so wish at this point I could make a scratch and sniff/taste blog as you would all love me forever.

Speaking of meat, another great staple on most of the menus is your usually cote de boeuf, fillet, sirloin and more unusual cuts which are becoming more popular over here in the UK no and for all the right reasons.  The au poivre sauce blows the usual peppercorn out the water- I suppose it’s true, when it comes to food the French know what they are doing.

IMG_2806 - Copy.JPG

And it’s not all about eating out- we had a couple of nights in- the first one courtesy of Bon Appetit  and they were great value, tasty meals.  The company cook the meals themselves and then deliver to you ready to bob in the oven.  I must say they were delicious, the beef bourgninon was deep, rich and filled with chunky beef, carrots and delightful mini onions.  The rest of the group had a mix of curries, naan, veggie lasagne and the room was silent as we ate so a recommendation if you do ever ski and fancy a night off- and as of next year they will deliver beers and wines too!  The delivery was prompt, friendly and we particularly appreciate it as we missed the order cut off time so big thanks to all at Chalet Kitchen for making it happen.  And the mash….oooo order the mash!  I must say the meal serve two easily however in my group most of them polished one off on their own.


I could write more and more about the food scene of a skiing holiday but for now I will leave it there, Albus wants a walk and I am cooking a Mexican feast tonight for my cousin and her fiancé so the market is calling!  If anyone does want more information on the Les Gets food scene get in touch and I would be more than happy to recommend.

Have a great Saturday all, thanks for reading and enjoy everything you eat today,

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