Do you?? Do you love to share food like me or are you an absolute, no way mine is min order your own fries kind of person?  As you will probably know I love all things food but to those of you that have read my Weekend of Hygge blog know that sharing food is up there as my number one hobby of all time.  Now- don’t get me wrong- I love to chose my own meal when we are out and if that’s totally amazing I may or may not be giving up a taster- it usually depends on what I can get in return.  Sharing is caring and all that but its really about the trade!

there is no we in food

But when it comes to sumptuous sides (like the duck fat roast chips and alioli we sampled at Xringito) or tapas, or family style dining or even the dreaded “You order that, I’ll order this and we can half and half” I am up for it. But it doesn’t come without its down sides, I look back on a fab family get together in Manchester once at the long gone Felicinis on Oxford Road, when me and Mr W shared a delicious seafood risotto and a delightful thin rocket and parma ham pizza.  The food was delicious and the company was awesome however, when we ‘swapped’ our half and halfs he got 3/4s of a pizza (I can’t eat as fast as him) and I got a bowl of rice which every tasty morsel of seafood had been found and eaten!  So it doesn’t always work in everyone’s favour.

My love of sharing food isn’t actually something many people in my family and friends share. We have had a couple of tapas nights out recently, one being at the very tasty Evuna in the Northern Quarter.  All four of us were first timers so we went for all different dishes- ordered in the two couples. No we know each other quite well, so we were tucking in and tasting a bit of everything and yet this couple that we have dined out with for almost a decade, Mr W is still uncomfortable in sharing his food- and many others would be too!

He was ok with the calamari, I mean look at the size of it, however when it came to the slow cooked Iberico pork cheeks, well his attitude soon changed and who could blame him. Soft, salty, wine flavoured morsels of deliciousness- if you do visit Evuna- get these!! No questions asked, just order them- I await your thanks!!   Whilst there we did um and ahh about a banquet menu but the four of us all ordering different things we took nearly the whole tapas menu anyway and got a great variety!

We also went to another great tapas restaurant Las Ramblas in Warrington just last Friday, with a fab table for 8 of us (4 couples).  Well that brings on a whole new level of decision making.  Now I have dined here before in a big group and what Las Ramblas do really well is the pre-set menu- we ordered the one with the tapas in advance and the dishes kept coming all night- amazing.  But I must admit, usually I am not a fan of a pre-set menu so I was very excited to try the other dishes on offer this time around. “What do we do” “How shall we order” “I don’t share food”.  It truly was like dining with 4 Mr W’s (the girls were obviously easily pleased).  We settled on 6 tapas per couple and the food was truly amazing, as was the wine- a house white was an excellent choice  A Spanish dry and 2 bottles for £25 if I recall rightly- bargain!  And in all honesty we all tried a lot of different things and in the end the sharing will always win! Especially when it’s the tasty fried brie with the nice plump membrillo (quince jelly/paste)!  Now I didn’t take any pics (wine was too good, food was too good) but for me this night was also all about the entertainment!! A great evening with a fab band and a great group of friends!

Now onto the topic of sharing in a non tapas restaurant. What is the protocol?  Unless you really are Joey from friends then as a couple this should be a little easier.  But it’s when there’s 4/6 of you?  And I am talking friends/family here no when you’re out with work colleagues or people you don’t know- even I wouldn’t find it appropriate if Flossy from Altrincham lent over to try my buttery ravioli!

We recently went to a great hidden restaurant with my Dad and Step Mum and the food was so delicious, we mainly ordered different dishes and definitely did a bit of digging in!

And that was ok- but if we were down the pub on a Friday night having scampi and chips I don’t think they would receive it as well if I asked for a scoop of their mushys! However crisps, when you buy crisps at the bar- unfortunately they are definitely for the table!!!!

open crisps.jpg


Family style eating is a given in our house. I love nothing more than filling my big wooden table with small treats, big pots, tasty nibbles or simply build your own and seeing my friends and family dive right in sampling and tasting everything. As I blog I am also flicking between 20 different tabs to conjure up this Sundays birthday tea for my Dad!! Blog, recipe and pics of Family style eating to come soon!



So enjoy your weekend and go on- share some food, it’s good for the soul!