Have you ever had a hobby that you find crops up in every part of your life?  Well that’s exactly what I have.  I realised that everything I thought were my hobbies, my loves, my fun time all revolved around food.  That’s right, doggie walks with my fur-baby Albus, dates with the hubby, time with my family, nights with the girls, nights with our couple friends even ‘down time’ all revolved around my love for food and my love for the North West. I love to eat, love drinking, love getting out early staying out late and making the most of every minute of this beautiful life.

So I wanted to share that love with you all.  On the blog I will be talking about eating out, reviewing places, markets, new recipes, hard to find ingredients, great drinks etc.  I also may mention bits about my cooking disasters, funny anecdotes and my adventures out with friends, family and fur-baby! And even though I love the North West I love travelling the UK and further afield so I will chat about some of that too.

What I would love from the readers is to hear about new places, restaurants, markets, cafes, bars and anything in between- the more out of the ordinary the better.

And I suppose you need a bit about me.  I am 31, live in Newton-le-Willows, adore Manchester! I currently travel a lot with work but come home to the husband Matt and the aforementioned fur-baby Albus.  I love family time, cooking, baking, exploring, walking, eating out, drinking, finding new bars, cities, countryside, clubs and ‘old man’ pubs.  I am a true life chameleon so expect a lot of different posts! 

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